Payment Requests Temporary Term March 29th, 2017

This Term is no longer Valid because Cashout Control has now been re-installed at this site.

Please note that Payments have now opened. However, until our Cashout Control add-on has been installed, the following Rules are to be observed.


  • MUST BE VERIFIED at Payment Processor - No Exceptions!
  • Minimum Request   $ 0.25
  • Maximum Request  $ 0.30
  • One Request allowed every 30 Days

Upgraded Members

  • Minimum Requests Vary depending on Processor. These are shown on Withdrawal page.
  • Maximum Requests:
  • MuscleCar Starter  $ 1.20 Every 9 days
  • Small Block  $  1.50 Every 8 days
  • One Year Mini  $ 1.50 Every 10 days
  • Yearly  $ 1.70 Every 7 days
  • Lifetime  $ 2.00 Every 7 days

Requests that exceed these limits will be CANCELLED with no further warnings. MULTIPLE requests that are invalid will result in Withdrawals being CLOSED for the member concerned.

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