Valentines Promo February 11th, 2017
Hi Everyone We giving 30% discount on all sales to celebrate Valentines Day. This makes our new One Year Mini upgrade really attractive as you can now buy for just $ 12.11 and get more than $ 44.00 back over the year!! The promotion ends at server reset on 15th February.
Our New Site is Open!! June 20th, 2016
Hi Everyone, I am now launching the newest site on our list. Current earnings are around 4 cents daily (just Ptc) for Standard Members and almost 22 cents daily (just Ptc) for upgraded members. There are lots of ways you can EARN DAILY at this site and most of them are listed below: >> Clicking Link Ads >> Completing PTSU Ads >> Clix Grid >> Clicking Paid to Read Ads >> Posting in the Forum: Standard members earn 2.5 cents per post and Upgraded members earn 5 cents per post. All members to a maximum of 3 post daily. >> Click Exchange - This is current set at 1 cent for every 20 Ads clicked. The more Ads you put in the Exchange the more you earn. Registration is OPEN and Ads are ACTIVE - Come and join us now!
Email Accounts May 11th, 2016
ALL emails to members that have used Hotmail, Outlook, Msn and Windows Live are being bounced back to our server. This is causing a lot of disk storage issues, so PLEASE - if you have registered your account using one of the listed mail providers, CHANGE it Gmail. I will be going through all members accounts and will have to delete accounts that use these providers. I will also add a note at the top of the Homepage advising that we will no longer accept these email addresses.
IMPORTANT NEWS May 07th, 2016
Hi Everyone, Just a couple of news items. >> Admin is having a few days away at the beach to celebrate my birthday on Monday. I will NOT be online very much so please note that any payment requests or Sales might be delayed until Wednesday 11 May. I am sorry for any inconvenience, but the hotel we are staying at uses OPEN wi-fi and the computers do not have flash installed. If I can process stuff I will, but please be patient. >> I am currently working on an AWESOME new site and hope to launch officially on May 12. It is using an incredible DELUXE version of the script at this site but there are masses of extra features for both members and Admin. The site includes: ** ClixGrid ** Lottery ** Several different Ad Classes ** Bitcoin and other processors ** A huge variety of member stats and lots more. There is still a lot of work for me to do, including adding memberships etc. but I hope to be ready for May 12. There are a few Ads available now, but not many. If you want to take a look and sign up you can find it at, but remember, I still need to do a lot of work on it. I will be fully active again after 14:00 on Wednesday. Peter
Standard Members Payouts April 28th, 2016
We are more than happy to make payments to Standard Members, but would ask that you read the Terms of Service before making a request. Standard Members MUST be a member at the site for 30 days before a Request can be made. Admin.
New Owner April 15th, 2016
This site now has a new owner. Please be patient as we make some essential changes to the TERMS and payment processors. We will re-open the Store and Payouts as quickly as possible. Please make sure that you can receive Admin emails as details of all changes will be advised by email.

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